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Appelbaum, Peter

  • Vol 4 - Articles
    The Great Snape Debate 1
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  • Vol 6, No 2 - Articles
    Retrodictive Curriculum Reform, or, Imagination is Silly; It Makes You Go ’Round Willy Nilly'
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  • Vol 8 - Articles
    AAACS Presidential Address - More Than a Double Bind? The Problematic Pedagogical Stance and the Need for AAACS to Take a Stand
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  • Vol 9, No 1 - Articles
    Report on the Fourth World Curriculum Studies Conference
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  • Vol 10, No 1 - Articles
    AAACS 2013 Presidential Address - Liminal, Permeable Regions and Metaphoric Scale: Strategies for Avoiding Orientalism and Reification in Trans-National Curriculum Studies
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