Curriculum SF (speculative fiction)

Reflections on the Future Past of Curriculum Studies and Science Fiction

  • John A. Weaver Georgia Southern University


In this essay I want to take a look at past attempts to incorporate science fiction (SF) into the discourses of curriculum studies, present attempts by a few scholars to revitalize and, more importantly, reshape SF within curriculum studies, and then finish with a look at why perhaps SF is no longer a possibility but speculative fiction is a necessity in forming our thinking about current and new future issues and concerns facing curriculum scholars and societies in general. I will begin with the ground breaking work of Noel Gough followed by a collection I helped to edit at the turn of the millennium, then I want to look at the current work of Sarah Truman and Boni Wozolek, and finish with a challenge to Samuel Delany’s proclamation that SF is not the same as speculative fiction while relying on Katherine Hayles’ latest work to suggest SF is a reality in everyday interactions in the economic, scientific, and technological non-fictional worlds.

Author Biography

John A. Weaver, Georgia Southern University

John A. Weaver is a professor of Curriculum Studies at Georgia Southern University. He earned his Ph. D. In Comparative Education from the University of Pittsburgh in 1994 working with Mark Ginsburg and Noreen Garman. He is the author of three single authored books including his latest Educating the Poshuman and the editor of five other books including Popular Culture and Critical Pedaggoy with Toby Daspit, (Post) Modern Science (Education) with Marla Morris and Peter Appelbaum, and posthumanism and educational Research with Nathan Snaza. He has published articles in The Journal of Curriculum Theory, Taboo, Journal of Curriclulm and Pedagogy, Comparative Education, and Journal of Educational Philosophy and Theory. He is currently finishing a book on science, curriculum studies and democracy and his next solo project will be an ethnography of poetry.

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