Bildung and Remembering Bill

  • Susan Mayer


The following two articles complete our first volume in our new institutional home. Both originated as presentations at AAACS meetings. The first, by Tero Autio, one of the founding scholars of the IAACS conference, builds from work that Autio presented at this year’s AAACS conference on the historical and theoretical origins of what he sees as a transnational curriculum policy leadership crisis. Autio considers the historical influences of the governing narratives of U.S. instrumentalism and Northern European Bildung in order to inform efforts to think beyond current theoretical and moral vacuums within transnational curriculum theory. 

The final article by Theodorea Berry and Michael Jennings extends two of the formal remembrances of our colleague William Watkins that were offered at the close of the 2015 meeting. As in the case of Molly Quinn’s tribute to Maxine Greene, published this past spring, Berry’s and Jenning’s piece offers personal perspective on the valued contributions of a scholar whose loss is keenly felt within our field.

Editor's Note