Author's Response to Huckaby, Osmond, and Mitchell

  • Walter Gershon


It is a remarkable thing to be heard. To sit back and feel the press of vibrations, listening to voices of scholars whom you know and respect share what resonated with them about your work, the pitch and timbre of their words playing your bones. As is likely clear from their responses, all three of these scholars are friends and, in defying much conventional wisdom about the blind reviews we receive and their associated processes, I can always count on my scholar-friends to bring it, their critique and engagement (that sauce, con sabor) as a form of care and respect. These three responses to Sound Curriculum: Sonic Studies in Educational Theory, Method, and Practiceare no exception. 

Author Biography

Walter Gershon

Walter S. Gershon is an associate professor in the School of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Studies, served as Provost Associate Faculty for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (2014-2017), and is LGBTQ Affiliate Faculty at Kent State University. His scholarship focuses on questions of social justice about how people make sense, the sociocultural contexts that inform their sense-making, and the qualitative methods used to study those processes. Although his work most often attends to how marginalized youth negotiate schools and schooling, Walter is also interested in how people of all ages negotiate educational contexts both within and outside of institutions.

Multi-vocal Response and Discussion