Matias's Feeling White, Lensmire's White Folks, and Sleeter's The Inheritance: Critical Review Essay on Three Books and their Contributions to White Teacher Identity Studies

  • James Jupp The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


This critical review essay discusses the contributions of three new sole-authored books to the field of White teacher identity studies: Cheryl Matias’s Feeling White, Timothy Lensmire’s White Folks, and Christine Sleeter’s The Inheritance.  After providing a brief intellectual history of White teacher identity studies, the essay characterizes Matias, Lensmire, and Sleeter’s books and discusses their contributions to White teacher identity studies, especially as these books inform the identity formation of White preservice and in-service teachers.  Overall, Jupp extols these three new texts, which not only advance the field of White teacher identity studies but also provide new directions within critical White studies and within decolonizing theory and practice more generally.

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