Currere at the Cross-Roads: The Deeply Theological in the Age of Covid-19


  • Marla Morris Georgia Southern University



chaplaincy, trauma, listening, curriculum studies, teaching, pedagogy


This paper is about the possibility of educating teachers to become more deeply theological. Here, the author draws upon literature in both theological studies and currculum studies. Moreover, the author draws upon on the ground experience as a trauma chaplain in a large hospital and experience as a university professor in a large university. There are many similarities between the work of the hospital chaplain and the work of the university professor. Although religious studies has been dealt with in the past in the field of curriculum studies, little or no work has been done on comparing chaplaincy to the work of teaching. 

Author Biography

Marla Morris, Georgia Southern University

Marla Morris is Professor of Education at Georgia Southern University. She is the author of the Curriculum Studies Guidebooks volumes 1 & 2; On Not Being Able to Play: Scholars, Musicians and the Crisis of Psyche; Teaching Through the Ill Body; Jewish Intellectuals and the University and The Curriculum and the Holocaust: Competing Sites of Memory and Representation. She has taught at Georgia Southern for 17 years. 






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