Remembering Ursula Le Guin (1929-2018)

Three tributes to her speculative imagination

  • Noel Gough La Trobe University
Keywords: science fiction, outdoor and environmental education, science and technology studies, speculative imagination


In the year of Ursula Le Guin’s passing, it seems timely to acknowledge and celebrate the unique exemplifications of the speculative imagination that she performed throughout half a century of writing SF (science fiction/fantasy/fabulation) stories and critical essays. This essay offers three semiautobiographical vignettes of the author’s engagement with Le Guin’s work during 2018. These vignettes demonstrate the depth and breadth of the curriculum problems and issues that her works have illuminated throughout the author’s academic career as a curriculum theorist, with particular reference to science and technology studies, outdoor and environmental education, and transnational curriculum inquiry.

Author Biography

Noel Gough, La Trobe University
Foundation Professor of Outdoor and Environmental Education
Special Section