Curriculum Scholars' Reflections on the Curriculum Field


  • Kelly P Vaughan Purdue University Northwest
  • Isabel Nuñez


At the AERA annual meeting in New York City Schubert, Posner, and Lopez Schubert (1982) presented a paper called “Professional Preferences of Curriculum Scholars: A Genealogical Study” in which they shared the results of questionnaire-based research into the authors and literature that the then-current generation of curriculum scholars considered most influential to their work and the field in general. In 2018, we distributed an updated survey to current curriculum studies scholars. This article presents the results from our current study and compares those results to the findings of the 1982 study. Through this work, we hope to answer the following questions: Which thinkers are most influential to contemporary curriculum studies scholars? What literature is most influential to contemporary curriculum studies scholars and to the field of curriculum studies? What do contemporary curriculum studies scholars identify as the most pressing challenges to the field? What are contemporary curriculum studies scholars’ desires and wishes for the field? How are the stated influences and desires of curriculum studies scholars similar to and different from those collected in the early 1980s?






Theoretical Analyses