Speculative Fiction, Curriculum Studies, and Crisis

An Introduction and Invitation

  • Peter Appelbaum Arcadia University


This is an invitation to submit new contributions to JAAACS that bring together your own work in curriculum studies, speculative fiction, and your own pathway through, with, around, and in spite of crises facing our planet and our species. In the spirit of JAAACS, you are simply asked to evoke the scholarly context from which your own contribution emerges, and to discuss the relationships in dialogue with other works in the field. Dynamic juxtapositions between recently released works and other related works are particularly welcome in JAAACS. For this current issue, we have brought together two highly regarded scholars who have spent a career in the vanguard in the liminal terrain of Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, and Curriculum Studies: Noel Gough and John Weaver.

Special Section