Sustainable pedagogy: a research narrative about teachers, creativity and performativity


  • Julie White La Trobe University



pedagogy, creativity, performativity


By relating ecology to pedagogy, this paper establishes the need to shift the focus from classroom strategy and teacher compliance to professional interaction and teacher voice in order to sustain teachers in their work. The impact of environmental factors on the maintenance and development of teacher pedagogy is explored through consideration of performativity and creativity and an emerging conceptualisation of pedagogy is forwarded and illustrated with three recent pedagogy projects. The paper concludes that ‘sustainable pedagogy’ affords a richer and more complex understanding of teacher identity and professionalism and that creativity might provide a suitable antidote to performativity.

Author Biography

Julie White, La Trobe University

Dr Julie White lectures in pedagogy, curriculum and professional teacher issues in the School of Educational Studies at La Trobe University. Her research interests include narrative enquiry, creativity, pedagogy and contemporary qualitative research. She is part of a large team undertaking a nationally funded study investigating social connection of young people with long-term chronic illness. She is also undertaking several small-scale funded studies of pedagogy and creativity. Julie is a member of several journal editorial boards and is an elected member of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) executive.