About the Journal

Published/Hosted by University of British Columbia Library. ISSN: 1449-8855. TCI (Transnational Curriculum Inquiry), a peer-reviewed journal, is the journal of the International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (IAACS), which is constituted to support a worldwide (but not uniform) field of curriculum studies. Oriented for an international readership, the first issue of the journal was released in 2004. Since that time, one to three issues have been released each year. TCI is a site for scholarly conversations about curriculum work within and across national and regional borders and welcomes contributions from anyone interested in advancing curriculum studies as an academic and professional field of study. For example, although much curriculum work continues to take place within national borders (often informed by governmental policies and priorities), processes of economic globalisation are blurring nation-state boundaries and destabilising national authority in curriculum decision making. Thus, TCI encourages contributions that examine the impact of globalisation on curriculum work in relation to national and international debates on such matters as human rights, social justice, democratisation, national, ethnic and religious identities, issues of gender and racial justice, the concerns of indigenous peoples, and poverty and social exclusion. A specific aim of TCI is to examine the interrelationships between local, national, regional and global spheres of curriculum work.