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Author Guidelines

Articles submitted to TCI should be written in English, but can be published in two languages, if one of them is English. Manuscripts in other languages can be accepted for peer-reviewing by negotiation with the Editor, though must be translated into English, if accepted. For publication, papers must follow the specifications outlined below: • Text typed in Word for Windows; • The article must have a minimum of 6 and we recommend a maximum of 35 pages, including references, endnotes, title and authorship. Files should have a maximum of 2 Mb. • The first line of paragraphs may have a distance of 1.25 cm; • The size of the sheets shall be A4 (29.7 cm x 21 cm) • The margins shall be as follows: top and bottom, 2.0 cm; left and right sides, 3.0 cm; • The main body of the paper in Times New Roman 12pt, paragraph justified. Single line spacing text, with single line spacing between paragraphs; • Use endnotes instead of footnotes. Endnotes should appear before the references spaced 12pt; • Title: in bold type, upper and lower case letters, Times New Roman, font size - 22 pt., alignment centered; • Name of authors: (1) space below the title, Times New Roman, font size – 14 pt, bold, Center (without degrees); • Affiliation: only work place and country, below the authors names, Times New Roman, font size – 14pt. • Subheadings are to be left aligned, not underlined, in bold, Times new Roman, font size - 14pt., after the paragraph and before the subheading (1) space. • Direct quotation of 3 (three) lines or more: use an indented block quotation, which begins on a new line; the entire block quotation should be indented 1.5 cm; do not use quotation marks; put the citation in parentheses after the final punctuation of the quote. Do not place a period after the closing parenthesis. Submissions to TCI should consistently follow one of the common author-date styles for formatting citations and bibliographies (e.g., Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th Edition, 2001). Whichever style is followed, it is crucial that all salient information about a quoted or cited source is supplied including: • author/s: if the author writes under her/his full name (e.g., William E. Doll Jr.) please use that name in the reference list rather than arbitrarily reducing it to initials • all authors and editors of multi-author articles, chapters or books should be listed in the references (if three or more this can be abbreviated as '[first author/editor] et. al.' or '[first author/editor] and others' in the body of the article • date of publication • full titles of articles, chapters, books and journals • volume and issue numbers for journals • full names of editor/s (as for author/s) of edited collections • page numbers for articles and chapters in edited collections TCI encourages authors to upload appropriate supplementary files (e.g., data-sets, research instruments, etc.) in addition to their manuscript to extend the value and understanding of their work.



Special Issue Articles

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