Works & Days / Cultural Logic: Schol-Activism

This issue of Cultural Logic was originally published as a triple issue (Volumes 2015-2017, Whole Number 22) and is guest edited by Joseph G. Ramsey. "Scholactivism" was produced in collaboration with the journal Works & Days. Previous Cultural Logic + Works & Days collaborations include “Education for Revolution” (originally published as Cultural Logic, Volume 2013, Whole Number 20) and “Culture and Crisis” (originally published as Cultural Logic, Volume 2010, Whole Number 17), the latter of which was also edited by Joseph G. Ramsey.

The editors of Cultural Logic are indebted to David B. Downing and his staff at Works & Days for their tremendous work on the print version of this issue as well as our previous collaborations. We also encourage you to support Works & Days by subscribing. This version of the issue contains minor revisions from its originally published form. "Scholactivism" was also published online by Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor in 2017.

The editors also thank Jabrib Rahman and Linda Liu for their invaluable assistance in preparing this special issue.

Published: 2018-09-20

Editor's Note


Defining and Contesting the Terms and Terrain of "Schol-Activism"

Virtual Universities, Digital Activists, and their Discontents

Learning from Those Who Taught Us: Tributes