Itinerant Curriculum Theory Against Epistemicides: A Dialogue Between the Thinking of Santos and Paraskeva

Ines B. Oliveira


This essay discusses how social emancipation and the ecology of knowledges are concepts that seek recognition of the Global South intellectual traditions and epistemologies within a South-North, inter- and transnational curriculum studies dialogue. Focusing on the potential contributions of Santos and Paraskeva, this essay argues that notions of epistemicide, cognitive justice, ecology of knowledges, and itinerant curriculum theory make key contributions to such a dialogue. This essay concludes by noting Santos’ and, especially, Paraskeva’s relevance to the area of “curriculum and everyday school life studies” that has emerged in the Brazilian field of curriculum studies, with potentials to influence the intellectual work of Northern curriculum theorists. Overall, I present this paper with the expectation of further unfolding South-North dialogues and amplifying inter- and transnational recognitions in curriculum studies.


Ines B. Oliveira holds a bachelor's degree in Pedagogy from the Jacobina School of Education (1982), a Master's Degree in Administration of Educational Systems from the Institute of Higher Education Studies at FGV (1988) and a doctorate in Sciences and Theories in Education from The University of Human Sciences of Strasbourg (1993). Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Social Sciences of the University of Coimbra (2002) with "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches" (HDR) by the University of Rouen (France, 2013).She is currently an associate professor at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and Professor at University Estácio de Sá (UNESA. President of the Brazilian Association of Curriculum (ABdC), as well as a member of the ANPEd Curriculum WG. He has experience in Education, with emphasis on General Theory of Planning and Curriculum Development, working mainly on the following topics: school daily life, research in the daily life, curricula thinkedpracticed and social emancipation from the perspective of cognitive justice and horizontal citizenship.

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