Curriculum Research and Development in Mexico

Frida Diaz-Barriga


After taking into account the literature about research and curriculum development in Mexico, the author presents a survey vision on the main trends and subjects related to this question. She also sets out some of the models that had as purpose to innovate curriculum from different perspectives: the managerial way of thinking (competence- based design, curriculum flexibility, strategic planning); the constructivist and experience-based perspectives; and the incorporation of transversal or cross subject matters in order to meet the need to strengthen the ethical aspect of curriculum and to promote, on one hand, human development and, on the other, civic and environmental education. After this, the author compares the situation of curriculum research in Mexico with the results that can be found in similar studies carried out in other countries. What can be observed is a huge expansion and an increasing interest in curriculum development, but at the same time a great diversity of approaches and interests, since some tensions and contradictions can be found between the different actors within the context of educational policies and the ruling assessment and certification systems. 

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