Toward Understanding a Curriculum of Being Inhabited by the Language of the Other

  • Nicholas Ng-A-Fook University of Ottawa
Keywords: Curriculum Theory, Interdisciplinary Studies


This paper traces, often drawing on autobiographical examples, the temporal migrations of educational experiences in the language of the other. As a documented Canadian and British citizen, an immigrant with an ex-appropriated proper name traced to Guyana’s indentured Chinese cane reapers, and thus, an imperial and postcolonial subject with certain identity disorders here in America, Canada, and elsewhere, how is a migratory subject subjected to the language of the other? More specifically, how might one learn, via currere, from a migrant subject’s educational experiences of appropriation and alienation in the language of the other?

Author Biography

Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, University of Ottawa
Assistant Professor, Curriculum Theory, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa