Fragments: Spectres of a Sojourning Sojourner


  • Anita Sinner Concordia University



In this m├ętissage of storied fragments, I explore spectres that are deeply entwined in geographies of self, rooted in understandings of naturalizing cultural practices in relation to familial relationships, arts research with photography, and initial explorations of identity formation as a first generation Canadian. Deeply entwined in my story fragments are dimensions of disjuncture, absence and unbelonging, as I continue in movement, in a hyphenated state, pursuing the stories I ultimately cannot obtain. This reflective essay is an exemplar of my practice seeking heightened awareness of relational events that have informed my situatedness. These fragments are intentionally open to interpretations, to relational connections, to questions for which there are not necessarily answers.

Author Biography

Anita Sinner, Concordia University

Art Education Concordia University