Understanding Freire, Understanding Myself.


  • Paulina Huayamave University of Prince Edward Island, Canada




Critical pedagogy , consciousness, liberatory education , banking education , dialogical relations


What started as an assignment in my Theory in Education class during my PhD studies in a Canadian university ended up becoming a journey to my past, my mind, my soul, as a necessary historical understanding of my own situation (Freire, 1992/2014). We were asked to choose a theorist to enrich and deepen our knowledge and understanding of their theory. I chose Paulo Freire as I wanted to be permeated by his thoughts through reading his original texts of Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Pedagogy of Hope. I wanted to be able to reflect on and compare Freire’s ideas to the current reality of education in vulnerable contexts in Latin America in order to contribute to a transformative education that can lead us to a fairer world. As a PhD student, I recognize myself as being at the point of departure, immersed in the never-ending process of becoming an unfinished and uncompleted human, or trying to become a true human being. In this paper, I will share with the readers my own life experiences that have led me to my “here and now” (Freire, 1992/2014, p. 85) and have built my reading of the world as an invitation for readers to do the same

Author Biography

Paulina Huayamave, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

I am currently on my second year of studies of the PhD in Educational Studies program at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. I also hold a Master of Arts in Higher Education, Research and Innovation from Universidad Casa Grande in Ecuador. In addition, I have been a teacher for more than 20 years at K-12 schools, post-secondary institutions, and have also worked as a teacher trainer in my home country, Ecuador, and in El Salvador. I am a sessional instructor in the Faculty of Education at UPEI and I have taught courses such as Perspectives on Culture and Society in education, Educational Leadership and Critical Pedagogy. My research interests are in critical pedagogy, teacher education, critical citizenship education, and education for sustainability.


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