The Young People as Subjects of the Curricular Overdetermination

Keywords: curriculum, youths, curricular overdetermination


Curriculum is located in center of the politics of an assessment state. It is a curriculum of state. Pre-school, primary, secondary, high school, university and even postgraduate levels are in the pot of assessment, the artifact –device- that brings them together is the curriculum. It is located, then, as the center of the hegemonic logic and, therefore, as the element capable of eroding such logic. Curriculum is understood from logic of the articulation and the protagonists of the curricular game are identified. The movement of the youths, the political movement without party affiliation and the teachers movement was located as subjects of the curricular overdetermination. The movement of the youths were characterized as a social contour that in the frame of the Generalized Structural Crisis could be articulated to redirect the Latin American agenda of curricular investigation in both the theoretical production as well as the design field and the curricular implementation.