From Problematization to Reconfiguration of Curricular Design and Evaluation in Mexico (Postgraduate Courses in Education in Mexico: Case of ISCEEM)

  • David Pérez-Arenas Instituto Superior de Ciencias de la Educación del Estado de México
Keywords: curricular design and evaluation, fields of curricular structuring, postgraduate studies in education, curricular tensions, certification.


The article analyzes the way in which the creation of new categories such as of Significance Notions and the Fields of Curricular Structuring, for the design and the curricular evaluation, allowed generating alternative proposals to those based on empirical analytical perspectives, which during several decades had over-determined these professional practices; the use of these categories also allowed transition from the problematization to the intervention and reconfiguration of the curriculum field in Mexico. The postgraduate programs in education taught at the Higher Institute of Educational Sciences of the State of Mexico, at the same time, the article identify the problems that were faced are pointed out together with the conflicts derived from the demands for the certification of such programs, framed by the modern educational policies and the context of globalization, neoliberalism and scientific development of these days.