Chiaroscuros in Curricular Innovations: between Desire and Reality

  • Concepcion Barrón Instituto de Investigaciones sobre la Universidad y la Educación. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Keywords: Curricular innovations, competency-based education, social inclusion, educational inclusion.


In this article, curricular innovations are addressed as hegemonic projects that have guided curricular reforms in recent years. Specifically, the model by competencies is analyzed by its scope and limitations within the cultural and ethnic diversity framework in the Mexican context. This article is structured in three sections: 1. Curricular innovations; these are conceived as an indispensable condition, as a series of long-range transformations that encompass cognitive, pragmatic, attitudinal, ethics and political dimensions. 2. Competency-based curricular model; a critical review is made around this model, which is instituted from basic to higher education. 3. Cultural diversity and the right to education; education is analyzed as a constitutional guarantee and as a human right with an intercultural perspective evidencing that, despite the great efforts made, social and cultural inequity persists.