Internationalization and "Pensamiento Curricular Latinoamericano"

  • Daniel F. Johnson Mardones Departamento de Educación, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Chile, Chile
Keywords: curriculum Studies, internationalization, Latin American curriculum studies


This text draws upon the concept of internationalization in Curriculum Studies to self-reflect on the existence and possibilities of Latin American curriculum thinking. I think of internationalization not just as a moment of the U.S. field but also as a dimension of Curriculum Studies thought from a planetary horizon. Therefore, grounding my understanding of internationalization as a dimension of the field of curriculum here by juxtaposing the historical development of the field in the United States in relation to Latinoamérica, I would like to suggest again that the next step to building an international field of curriculum studies is enlarging the conversation beyond its Anglo-Saxon and European influences. My work may be understood as an attempt to bring the Latin American educational tradition more strongly into the international conversation that is now Curriculum Studies. In doing so, I am, to some extent, rejoining two educational traditions, the Latina American and the Anglo-American, to continue a conversation already begun in the 1970s but interrupted since then.