Reflection on Wisdom that Responds to Market Logic of David G. Smith

  • Phuong Mai Huynh University of British Columbia
Keywords: curriculum theory


The problem found in contemporary education is that education tends to act with the logic and process of the Market. In this market-driven way, education attempts to shape people in ways that merely serve economic profits. With the particular end-in-view, people oriented themselves externally to match the ideals that the Market designs instead of nurturing genuine inner development. The essay looks at the interesting and profound work of David Geoffrey Smith, who is a proven educator specializing in both areas of Globalization and Wisdom Traditions. Smith suggests that it is significant to present a voice of wisdom in our contemporary educational setting where market logic is overly dominant. What we then need to do, is to bring back questions of personal understanding, human values and the meanings of human life as primary sources of education.

Author Biography

Phuong Mai Huynh, University of British Columbia
PhD student Department of Curriculum Studies ---- Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam