The Impact of Caffeine on Dehydration in Naked Eggs


  • Jashan Toor


Dehydration can cause undesired side effects, especially when it is paired with an intensive
exercise such as weightlifting. While weightlifters often drink water along with their workout,
pre-workout supplements with large amounts of caffeine have become a staple in weightlifting.
This study aimed to investigate the impact of caffeine on dehydration in naked eggs as human
trials were not feasible at the time of this study. Dehydration was attempted to be measured as
the percent change in weight experienced by the naked eggs. A one-way ANOVA test was
conducted, which yielded a p-value of 0.5232. This is far greater than this study’s significance
level of 0.05, elucidating that there was no statistically significant difference in dehydration
between the treatment groups. Errors in the experiment set up did not allow for the impact of
caffeine on dehydration to be investigated as intended. This study will also provide suggestions
on how this error can be avoided in future research.