Presence of the Past


  • Angelika Maeser Lemieux Vanier College


Author Biography

Angelika Maeser Lemieux, Vanier College

Angelika Maeser Lemieux teaches English at Vanier College in Montreal.

She is a graduate of U.B.C. and McGill universities.

She received two grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and  the Association of Canadian Studies. She is still working on her book on Margaret Laurence.

She enjoys researching, writing, presenting papers, and engaging in peace work.

She has written articles on Margaret Laurence, Women`s Life Writing and the Shoah, Native Literature and the curriculum, the persecution of Jews and Aboriginal peoples in North America, Godess spirituality,  historical novels  about  the Indian Rebellion (1857), Dalit women in the Rebellion,  and the British Army in the Caribbean slave trade.