Jeff Derksen's Citational Poetics


  • Sam Weselowski University of Warwick



This paper investigates Jeff Derksen’s citational poetics in The Vestiges, and how this text’s creative practice critically examines the processes of neoliberalization in the present. With citational poetics, I see Derksen’s writing copy and comment on multiple textual forms in order to depict the poem’s role in social observation alongside its ability mobilize and array these textual forms against structures that far exceed the structure of the poem itself. The Vestiges in turn displays how the disparate materials of the long neoliberal moment and the traces of its manifold processes—from critical theory and chart topping hits to overthrown governments—can be brought to bear on the present, and specifically how mobilizing these different kinds of textual and historical matter locate citational poetics within a wider project of anti-capitalist research.

Author Biography

Sam Weselowski, University of Warwick

Sam Weselowski is a PhD Candidate in English and Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Warwick, working at the intersections of scale, poetics, and environmental humanities. His critical writing has appeared in Litterae Mentis: A Journal of Literary Studies. His poetry has appeared in Hotel and Canadian Literature. His chapbook I LOVE MY JOB was published by If a Leaf Falls Press in 2019.