No. 199: Indigeneities and Museums: Ongoing Conversations - Autumn 2018

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Guest edited by Caitlin Gordon-Walker and Martha Black. In this special issue of BC Studies we invite you into a conversation about museums in British Columbia and about the broader politics of colonialism and decolonization in which they are involved. Articles address both Indigenous and non-Indigenous institutions, focusing on topics of collections, archives, repatriation, collaboration, exhibitions, access, and engagement. Contributors, bringing together scholarship and museum practice, share their critical reflections and experiences within museums, illustrating some of the innovative ways in which museums in British Columbia are working to bring about and build new kinds of relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, as well as some of the persistent challenges they face. Many of the longer papers are coauthored or dialogical in form and are interspersed with shorter pieces to offer a wide range of perspectives and experiences. We hope these will provoke further discussions within, across, and beyond museum boundaries.

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Published: 2018-11-13

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