Causal Layered Pedagogy: Introducing a futures oriented curricula innovation

Marcus Bussey


Causal Layered Pedagogy (CLP) is a curricula and pedagogical engagement with Causal Layered Analysis (CLA) (Inayatullah, 2004). CLP is an emergent tool. It has the potential to engage curriculum theory and pedagogical practice in such a way as to open up spaces for both alternative ways of knowing and doing, and for new inner spaces for thinking about how to engage in deep and transformative learning processes. Like CLA its focus is on a deepening sense of agency conveyed to a community of learners. Such agency is reflective and therefore critical in the sense of being able to identify and engage social, cultural and individual processes that determine and limit choice and awareness. Such a critical stance allows for what Foucault called “the art of not being governed quite so much” (Foucault, 2002, p. 193).


Causal layered pedagogy; causal layered analysis; futures; curriculum theory; futures education; epistemology; ontology

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