Psychology: A Closer Look at what Psychologists Bring to the Table


  • Elizabeth Laliberte University of British Columbia-Okanagan


Advocacy of Clinical Psychology


This paper aims to explore the vital contributions that the field of clinical psychology is consistently giving to the citizens of Canada.  The services provided by psychologists are unique in their own right, however there is much confusion in the healthcare field regarding the specificity of their roles, and the average healthcare consumer can be overhwhelmed in trying to understand the differences between psychologists and other mental health professions.  This advocacy peice ultimately serves to clarify what it is psychologists bring to the table, including an exploration of the benefits of psychotherapy, issues around cost-effectiveness of psychological treatment and medicare coverage, differences between psychologists and other mentalhealth professionals, and the promotion and preventative role psychologists maintain concerning mental health issues.  Overall, the goal of this paper is to outline the overall worth and functionality of the field of clinical psychology.

Author Biography

Elizabeth Laliberte, University of British Columbia-Okanagan

I am a fourth year psychology student at UBC-O


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