Archival History – Middle Ages


  • Caitlin Lindsay University of British Columbia



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This annotated bibliography examines sources which give insight into the history of archives and recordkeeping during the Middle Ages. Because the history of archives is Eurocentric, this bibliography attempts to include archival perspectives outside of Europe, and aims to examine a number of different archival repositories. The bibliography touches on ecclesiastical archives, civic archives, university archives and private archives. Within the sources, themes of power and the importance of social memory are investigated, and organizational change within a variety of different archives is examined.

Author Biography

Caitlin Lindsay, University of British Columbia

Caitlin Lindsay is a second-year student completing her Master's degree (a Dual Masters of Library and Information Studies and a Masters of Archival Studies) at UBC. She is interested in social justice in archives and libraries, accessibility of information, and digitization.


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Annotated Bibliography