Political Sociology and Anthropology in Education


  • Michael Joseph Francisconi University of Montana Western


Political, Sociology, Anthropology


Political Sociology is the study of power in a social setting. Political sociology explores the everyday experiences of people and the shaping of their economic position in a particular society, and the world economy that molds most political issues. Anthropology gives this analysis a historical and cross-cultural reference point, supplementing sociology. We professors must engage in seditious sabotage within the ranks of the university and call everything into question, including higher education. We must explore the historical and sociological roots of all academic departments. We must examine who benefits and who doesn’t by the underlying assumptions. We must ask, “How does what we teach fit into the ideology of hegemony?” Education that is not subversive is not education.

Author Biography

Michael Joseph Francisconi, University of Montana Western

History, Philosophy and Social Science Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociololgy






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