Sports Commentators and Late Monopoly Capitalist Indoctrination in the United States


  • Kirk Packwood University of North Texas


ideology, Marxism, sports, sports commentary, indoctrination


This Marxist-oriented ideological study describes how sports commentary ‘layered’ on top of team sporting events serves as a capitalist mass indoctrination method in the United States of America. Despite a general mass consensus to the contrary, popular team sporting events which employ sports commentators are not politically neutral events. The mass media and corporations use sports commentators to politically charge sporting events in order to subtly program the viewing population into accepting capitalist ideological tenets and norms. Capitalist indoctrination embedded within modern sports commentary is particularly effective because of its subtle nature. Capitalist norms are taught within the context and framework of particular sporting events and superimposed over events occurring on the field of play. The majority of the conservative ideology embedded within sports commentary is related to the glorification and maintenance of extreme social stratification based on held or achieved power.

Author Biography

Kirk Packwood, University of North Texas

University of North Texas