Social Movements and Counter-Hegemony: Lessons from the Field


  • William K. Carroll Sociology -- University of Victoria
  • R. S. Ratner Sociology -- University of British Columbia


social movements, counter-hegemony, Gramsci, civil society, neoliberalism, historic bloc, war of position, social democracy, organic intellectuals


The urban centre of Vancouver, British Columbia has been a fecund research site for the study of capital, state, and social movement relations over the past three decades. In this article, we summarize the findings of our research program spanning that politically volatile period, and we reflect on the formidable, but not insuperable, obstacles to challenging the authority of global capital. We conclude that a 'transformative politics' articulated through a neo-Gramscian approach and rooted in a generative 'globalization-from-below' is the most promising basis for counter-hegemony today.

Author Biographies

William K. Carroll, Sociology -- University of Victoria

Sociology Department, UVic Full Professor since 1993

R. S. Ratner, Sociology -- University of British Columbia

Bob Ratner is an emeritus professor in the Department of Sociology, University of British Columbia. His research and publications are largely in the fields of social movements, critical criminology, and political sociology. He is currently engaged in research on genocide reparations.






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