'Cubanalismo': The Cuban Alternative to Neoliberalism


  • Carlo Fanelli York University


Neoliberalism, Cuba, US, FTAA, ALBA


ABSTRACT—This paper compares and contrasts neoliberal discourses with the Cuban method of development, referred to as cubanalismo, in the areas of healthcare and education, economic and environmental policies, and explores free trade as opposed to needs-based trade. Furthermore, the author explores whether or not Latin America is witnessing the “dawning of a new era” in terms of regional solidarity and anti-neoliberalism, as well as discusses Cuba’s foreign internationalism and humanitarian relations. The author concludes that the leftward movement in Latin America is in direct opposition to neoliberalism and asserts that winds of change are indeed on the horizon. All things considered, cubanalismo remains a workable alternative to neoliberalism based on its social and human emphasis, and the prioritization of eliminating poverty, marginalization, and underdevelopment as central policy mandates.

Author Biography

Carlo Fanelli, York University

Master's Student Department of Sociology York University Fields of Research: Economic Sociology; Political Economy; Political Sociology






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