Analysis of Green Onion (genus Allium) Root and Stem Growth in Water at Different pH Levels


  • Tae Young B.
  • Austin C.
  • Joven G.


The mild flavour of green onions compared to white onions allows it to be used in various dishes in a raw or cooked form while also providing an abundance of nutrients to those that consume it (Gallary). This has prompted the question of what pH level is optimal for green onions to grow so that green onion farmers and gardeners will adjust their gardens/crops to maximize their green onion yield? Therefore, this study was created to see if the pH level influences green onion growth in water in a way that causes the stems and roots to grow more in certain pH levels compared to others. The members conducting this study grew twelve green onions at varying treatment pH levels of 6.30, 6.46, 6.72, and the control of 7.5; each sample’s root and stem growth was then monitored over the next 20 days. Overall, with the one-way ANOVA test, it showed that there was no significant difference between the length of roots or stems in green onions. This study did not show any significant differences in growing green onions in the tested pH conditions.