Comparison in Twitching Frequencies between Puppies and Senior Dogs in Sleep


  • Flipos Tadese Kiflai


Most dogs tend twitch frequently while sleeping and exhibit rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.
However, the twitching frequencies seems to vary between dogs of different ages. The purpose
of this experiment would be to test if puppies twitch more frequently than senior dogs in their
sleep. The experiment was carried out by observing live cams on (Links to an
external site.) for videos of sleeping dogs in "Senior Dog Gathering Room" and "Great Dane
Puppy Nursery" and the number of twitches observed per minute per individual dog were
collected. To compare the data for puppies vs senior dogs a one-way ANOVA analysis was
performed by GraphPad Prism. The one-way ANOVA shows p-value <0.0001 and upon further
analysis through Tukey’s test, the mean twitches per minute between the groups of dogs were
found to be statistically significant hence supporting the hypothesis that puppies tend to have
relatively more twitching frequencies in comparison to senior dogs.