A comparison of soil quality between UBC Farm and UBC Botanical Gardens using invertebrates as bioindicators


  • Kevin Fabian


This experiment was conducted with the aim of answering the question: Does the UBCFarm or UBC Botanical Gardens have a higher soil quality using invertebrates as bioindicators?Data was collected from the UBC Farm in late November, 2020 at 3 different time points on thefirst day. The following day data was collected from the UBC Botanical Gardens at 3 identicaltimes as the previous day. The hypothesis of this experiment is that the UBC Farm will have ahigher number of invertebrates and a higher soil quality. The data collected in this experiment found a mean number of 9.44 invertebrates found at the UBC Farm and a mean number of 7.11 at the UBC Botanical Gardens.The data was analyzed through a one-way ANOVA test, which indicated that there was no statistically significant difference between the two locations. Therefore, the null hypothesis failed to be rejected.