2021: AUSxURO Arts Research Award Special Edition

This special edition of the Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research (CJUR) features the work
of the winners of the inaugural Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) and Undergraduate Research
Opportunities (URO) Arts Undergraduate Research Award. The seven winners of this award are
undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts at the University of British Columbia, hailing from a
variety of disciplines, including Art History, Psychology, Sociology, Film Studies, and History. All of
them have all demonstrated excellence, independence, and dedication to their research, and have
gone above and beyond to contribute to their fields.

We are dedicated to showcasing the diversity of research, and recognizing the undergraduate students
that have contributed to it. With this award, we wanted to raise more awareness of how student
research in the Humanities and Social Sciences takes form, as well as to provide a platform for the hardworking undergraduate researchers behind it to showcase their work. We hope that showcasing the
work of these students will empower other students in Arts disciplines to pursue the research that
they are passionate about and motivate them to share their work with others.

We are proud to share the incredible work that the winners of the first-ever AUSxURO Arts
Undergraduate Research Award have done, and we hope that this special edition will be the first of


Please visit https://cjur.ca/browse/ to view the published issue.

Published: 2021-05-25