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Letter from the Editor

Vol. 17 No. 1 (2023): New Lenses on Old Hollywood

Letter from the Editor

June 4, 2023


What initially inspired me to theme issue 17.1 of Cinephile around the Classical era was my own personal affinity for it. When I first began falling in love with movies, I would watch the Turner Classic Movies channel religiously, trying to keep up with every Star of the Month spotlight and record every showing of a rare film. While my love for this era inevitably bleeds into my choice of theme, I believe that the reach of this issue extends far past the niche of Classical Hollywood addicts; indeed, many people voicing their opinions on Kardashian's dress choice have never seen an original Marilyn Monroe film. Monroe's cultural legacy extends far past her literal filmography, allowing for a multiciplicity of different relationships with her image--all of which clearly incite strong opinions and emotions in the people involved. All of the articles in this issue interrogate these feelings that live on for the most iconic images from Classical Hollywood.