Decolonizing Pedagogies: Pipelines and Publishers


  • Jody Mason Carleton University


A meta approach in the classroom is a crucial tool for opening up questions about the conditions necessary to transformation: a meta approach is self-reflexive about disciplinary history and canon formation; about the relations of taste and distinction to class and the dynamics of racialization; and about what we might broadly call production-oriented forms of analysis. What do such meta approaches in literary and cultural studies classes share with decolonizing pedagogies, and how might their common interests be brought to bear on classrooms? The strategies I have in mind could generate interrogations of what has functioned as education, encourage active reflection on the roles literatures and cultures (and the dispositions related to them) have played in those processes at different historical moments around the world, and generate questions about who owns culture in the present and why.


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Jody Mason, Carleton University

Jody Mason is an associate professor in the Department of English at Carleton University.





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