I in an Own Place: Reading the Poetry of Canisia Lubrin


  • Nicholas Bradley University of Victoria
  • Cornel Bogle University of Alberta
  • Tavleen Purewal University of Toronto
  • Kyle Kinaschuk University of Toronto
  • Manahil Bandukwala University of Waterloo
  • Rina Garcia Chua University of British Columbia Okanagan
  • Shane Neilson McMaster University
  • Veronica Austen St. Jerome's University


A forum on Canisia Lubrin's poetry. Read the full contributions on our Canadian Literature site:

Nicholas Bradley's I in an Own Place: Reading the Poetry of Canisia Lubrin (p. 145-147) 

Cornel Bogle's Tracing the Black Diaspora in Canisia Lubrin’s “The Mongrel” (p. 147-152)

Tavleen Purewal's Voodoo Hypothesis and Wonder (p. 152-159)

Kyle Kinaschuk's On Canisia Lubrin’s Tercets (p. 159-163)

Manahil Bandukwala's I Is the Chorus: Canisia Lubrin’s The Dyzgraphxst (p. 163-167)

Rina Garcia Chua's I in the Liminal: Verging in The Dyzgraphxst (p. 168-171)

Shane Neilson's Focus on Another Locus: Poetic Attention and Canisia Lubrin’s The Dyzgraphxst (p. 172-176)

Veronica Austen's A Poetics of Elsewhere (p. 176-181)

Six Short Takes: Q&A with Canisia Lubrin (p. 181-182)