Forum on Smaro Kamboureli’s Scandalous Bodies at twenty


  • Paul Barrett University of Guelph
  • Malissa Phung Sheridan College
  • Kit Dobson Mount Royal University
  • Libe García Zarranz Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Asha Varadharajan University of Minnesota
  • Sarah Dowling University of Toronto
  • Andrea A. Davis York University
  • Myra Bloom Glendon College, York University


Scandalous Bodies Forum:

  • Paul Barrett - A New Set of Questions: Introduction to Forum on Smaro Kamboureli’s Scandalous Bodies at twenty.
  • Malissa Phung - The Powers of Representation and Transgressive Fires: Reflecting on the Impact of Smaro Kamboureli’s Scandalous Bodies
  • Kit Dobson - The Scandal of Bodies: Scandalous Bodies at 20
  • Libe García Zarranz - 2020 and all’s well: On Positionality, Transtemporality, and Scandalous Bodies
  • Paul Barrett - New Correspondences
  • Asha Varadharajan - Justice, Not Identity: What a Woke Multiculturalism Looks Like
  • Sarah Dowling - Grief, Bodies, and the Production of Vulnerability
  • Andrea Davis - Which Scandalous Bodies?: Black Women Writers Refuse Nation Narratives
  • Myra Bloom - “Scandalous Bodies at Twenty: An Interview with Smaro Kamboureli by Myra Bloom”