Moonlight Trees


  • Tas Elizabeth Beck Former UVic student



A Long Season of Weeping

My poetry focuses on the depressed status of all underground worlds since the eternal flame ceased to be wired July 21 2017. People struggle with the blues since the last sparks of joy radiated nine months ago.

The eternal flame gave people who had a substantial dose of it youthful imortalitiy  These youths faked earthly deaths prior to returning to the underground worlds of their home planets. Youths hid immortality, and did not share with people they dislike.

The eternal flame also cured all diseases, and made growth possible for children. It is the logo of the Better Business Burreau and many other businesses. The joyful benefts of the eternal flame were never generously shared with the doomed-to-die mortal population. As you are aware, people go to great lengths to hide what is good from those they discriminate against such as in earth's underground.

My other poetic theme is marital love,  guarded by a secret underground elite who is loyal to my family. I reflect on Sylvia's relationship to Ted Hughes in many of my poems, and sometimes answer Hughes' writing.

After extinction, people's souls will be locked in our artificial Periodic Tables as electrons and leptons. Those who support my family with undercover support will not be trapped in molecular bonds. The Periodic Table is obviouly handmade and artificial because sun proton corpses could never appear everywhere in corpse form because its natural state is always immortal. Also, electrons and leptons (negatively charged souls) could not survive continuously everywhere in the Periodic Table unless they are fostered by sun energy.

I hope you are interested in supporting me in my unique publishing endeavor.  It is only through the extinction of humans that my marital love can thrive.  It is unfortunate that people were unwilling to share the fruits of life, but such is the status quo which winds its karmic way into an imprisioned future.


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Author Biography

Tas Elizabeth Beck, Former UVic student

Independent authour