Cassandra the seer

  • dee Hobsbawn-Smith alumna, University of Saskatchewan


These 3 poems examine the lives of outliers/outcasts - Cassandra, a seer who was daughter of the Trojan king, Priam; Cain, the biblical first murderer, who slaughtered his brother, Abel, and the unnamed singer/poet of "You may", searching for her identity.

Author Biography

dee Hobsbawn-Smith, alumna, University of Saskatchewan
dee Hobsbawn-Smith is a poet, essayist, journalist and fiction writer, author of 7 published books, most recently Foodshed: An Edible Alberta Alphabet (Touchwood, 2012); Wildness Rushing In:Poems (Hagios Press, 2014); and What Can't Be Undone: Stories (Thistledown Press, 2015). Her work has appeared in major Canadian journals including Grain, The Malahat Review, The Windsor Review, Prairie Fire, Grain, The Antigonish Review, Numero Cinq, Vallum, CV2; and in the USA, in Gastronomica: the Journal of Food and Culture. She has recently completed her debut novel and a new poetry colelction, and is at work on an essay collection. Dee is a retired chef and ex-restaurateur, and she earned her MFA in Writing at the U of S in Saskatoon.