Forgotten Jasmine

  • Lisa Arsenault University of Toronto


Series from first manuscript with a working title of "The Terrorist", (a book of love poems):

This manuscript is unique as it is about a topic in current consciousness, terrorism, but it is book of poetry of unrequited love by an Arabic man.  I used Arabic and French througout and will still need a formal editor - Ken Babstock will be editing my manuscript in the next couple of months. 

My poems are uniquely set in between a natural and social landscape.  I have used symbols from Egyptian history, birds, world geography including Canadian & Tunisian, love, sex, violence, anger, music, ekphrasis, rage, lust, longing.  I do not seek to find answers, but simply went into this process unconsciously with brutal honesty and went into my self on a level I didn't even know was possible.  I believe this is the process of individuation that Carl Jung termed in the early 20th century.  It was excrutiating and exciting.  I hope readers will find their own experience in my poems and feel great emotion, as I think all good art creates emotion. 

Author Biography

Lisa Arsenault, University of Toronto
Lisa Arsenault is from Timmins, Ontario. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from York University. She’s enrolled in University of Toronto’s Creative Writing Program, and completed two full manuscripts of poems. The first, a book of original love poems with Arabic and French theme edited by Laura Lush, poet and instructor a U of T. She will work with Lynn Crosbie on the second full poetry manuscript, Nail’er Assault before enrolling in the final course at U of T and working with Ken Babstock on both. Lisa is an Insurance Professional.