Inhabitation: Erín Moure: “all of which is invented has just been invented now”

  • Joel Katelnikoff Global Center for Advanced Studies University of Alberta


This essay uses techniques associated with plagiarism and copyright violation to produce a collaborative model of scholarship, modifying the poetry and poetics of Erín Moure via methods of cut-up / remix / montage. The resulting essay: 1) speaks about Moure’s poetics; 2) speaks through Moure’s own language and syntax; and 3) produces a metanarrative of reading, writing, and recombination. The essay explores new possibilities for poetry and poetics; in the words of Moure: “the reader has to undergo the turmoil too, not just read a report about it.”

Author Biography

Joel Katelnikoff, Global Center for Advanced Studies University of Alberta
Joel Katelnikoff holds a PhD from the University of Alberta. His areas of research include media studies, textuality, and avant-garde poetry and poetics.