Poetics, In Every Air

  • Michael Nardone Concordia University


A review of Toward. Some. Air: Remarks on Poetics of Mad Affect, Militancy, Feminism, Demotic Rhythms, Emptying, Intervention, Reluctance, Indigeneity, Immediacy, Lyric Conceptualism, Commons, Pastoral Margins, Desire, Ambivalence, Disability, The Digital, and Other Practices. Edited by Amy De'Ath and Fred Wah.

Author Biography

Michael Nardone, Concordia University
Michael Nardone is managing editor of Amodern. Recent works appear in Camera AustriaLe MerleGauss PDFThe Coming EnvelopeJacket2The Conversantn+1, and the language art anthology The Dark Would. Nardone is a doctoral canditate at Concordia University’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, where he writes on poetics, media, and sound.