Piece-Rates as Inherently Exploitative: Adult/Asian Cam Models as Illustrative

Paul William Mathews


This paper argues that, regardless of contingent conditions, piece-rates are inherently exploitative. It theorizes piece-rates as a labour-remuneration system that is contrary to the interests of labour, exemplified by the new industry of Adult/Asian Cam Models (ACMs). Very little of any literature addresses the question of why a piece-rate system is deleterious for the worker. What the literature does extensively dwell upon is the kinds of piece-rate systems and their situational risks, effects, advantages and disadvantages, rather than the underlying principle of piece-rates as an inherently exploitative system. Thus the paper critiques a sample of contemporary economic/labour literature that focuses on the various models of piece-rate payments to best optimise worker productivity and gains for capital. Given the significant increase in piece-rate work throughout the world in the last few decades, the paper highlights how capital has shifted the risk of production to the worker.


Adult/Asian Cam Models, cyber sex, labour relations, piece-rates, work conditions

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