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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • I certify that the submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).
  • I certify that all authors meet the Authorship requirements

    An Author is someone who has made substantial contributions to the conception, design, or analysis of results of the study or manuscript. Someone involved strictly with tasks such as data collection or general supervision does NOT meet the criteria for authorship. Note that authors must take responsibility for verifying the integrity and accuracy of the work as whole.

    Furthermore, an author will be designated as the corresponding author of the manuscript and will be responsible for submitting revised copies and adhering to submission deadlines. All contributors who do not meet the authorship requirements should be listed in the acknowledgement section (ex: technical assistance, funding, date collection etc.)

  • I agree to the Journal's confidentiality policy as outlined in the Editorial Policies

    The author must agree that comments made by peer reviewers will NOT be made public without the express permission of the author, the reviewer, and the journal.

  • I agree to the Journal’s competing interests Policy and will submit conflict of interest entries for all involved authors

    There is a space to declare conflicts of interest during the online submission process. There must be an entry for EACH author. Leave it black equates to having nothing to declare

    1. I agree to place this work under the Creative Commons License Agreement
    2. I take responsibility for the integrity of the work submitted in this manuscript
    3. I declare that authorization and consent has been obtained in the form of a Consent form or Release form respectively, to publish any of the following: 1) if the 1st author is NOT the primary investigator of the study (ex: Directed studies or Summer Student Research Project student), that consent of the primary investigator has been obtained to publish with this journal, 2) patient/subject data or personal information (ex: case reports), 3) information obtained from personal communications, 4) electronic multimedia files (photos, graphics, diagrams, videos etc.)
  • I have filled out the Manuscript Cover Letter found in the Author folder, and will upload it in Step 4 (Uploading Supplementary Files)

Author Guidelines

Please see link for the complete Editorial Policies and Guide for Authors. Authors are required to review and understand the the contents of both documents BEFORE submitting a paper.

How to submit articles:

  1. Click on the top "About" link
  2. On the Submission heading, click "Online Submissions"
  3. You must have an OJS account to submit manuscripts. You can create an account by clicking "Go to Registration"
  4. After you regiester, log in to your account and click the "start a new submission" link

Submitting files:

Mandatory: Please submit a Manuscript Cover letter with your manuscript. The file can be found here under the Author folder and can be uploaded during the online submission process (Step 4 Uploading Supplementary Files).

Optional: Authors are also encouraged to upload supplementary files (raw data, multimedia files) from their research that would enrich the reading experience. However, manuscripts must stand on their own and not be dependent on supplemental data. The editorial staff will work with the author to best present the supplementary files



Original research

Original research articles report on the results of original research within the pharmaceutical sciences. Although papers by undergraduate student authors are encouraged, it is not a requirement that authors are undergraduate students

Review articles

Professional advisor may be required; please see "Professional Advisor" section below.

Review articles are meant to provide an evidence-based overview of a clinical (ex: therapeutics, drug therapy, recent developments etc.), academic (pharmacology, medicinal chemistry etc.) or educational topic within the pharmaceutical sciences. Articles should provide a unique perspective on the literature, review recent advances in a particular field or summarize the evidence on a topic that has not been extensively reviewed. Articles that are simply regurgitating previous literature without providing new perspectives will be rejected. As such, authors are encouraged to consider the originality of any potential review topics before commencing writing

Case reports

Professional advisor may be required; please see "Professional Advisor" section below.

Case reports and case series are meant to describe patient cases that highlight useful clinical pearls or educational points. Example sources of articles: Clinical rotations, patient encounters in community or hospital workplace

Op-ed articles

Op-ed articles are opinion piece articles on topics that fall outside the article categories of Public Health and Practice issues. Educational and Pedagogical articles that fall outside the scope of Original research, Review articles, Workshop articles and Workplace spotlight are placed here

Workplace spotlight/Elective reports

This article type is meant to highlight unique areas of practice within pharmacy. The scope of this article type encompasses not only workplaces in clinical settings, but all pharmacy-related work sites, such as academic, education, governmental or regulatory positions as well. The driving focus is to introduce students to different practicing environments within the pharmaceutical sciences. Note that due to the specialized nature of this article type, it may potentially be reviewed by a Professional Reviewer only or peer review may be waived based on decision by editors

Public health:

Can cover health topics that span the globe or of local importance

Practice issues

Discussion of issues from all pharmacy practice settings are welcome

Privacy Statement

The names and contact information entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of UBC PSSJ and will not be made available for other purposes or to any other parties without permission

Editors and Peer Reviewers: All UBC PSSJ Editors and Peer Reviewers must agree to the following;

To keep confidential the contents of accepted materials until after publication

To respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of authors who submit materials to the Journal

To redistribute manuscript materials only with the express permission of the Journal

To not disclose or discuss the contents the review of a manuscript except to the Journal’s editorial team, even after publication of the manuscript

Authors: All Authors must agree to the following

Just as the authors’ right to confidentiality should not be violated while a manuscript is under review, so too must the reviewers’ confidentially be maintained. Therefore, the author must agree that comments made by peer reviewers will NOT be made public without the express permission of the reviewer and the Journal. Reviewers should note that reviewers’ comments will be made available to other reviewers of the manuscript as part of the editorial process.