Universal contraception: A basic human right


  • Arshdeep Marwaha UBC Medicine
  • Sydney Sparanese
  • Morgan Haines
  • Janice Mok
  • Karen Wang
  • Thomang Hoang
  • Jingxuan Zhao


British Columbians still lack basic pharmaceutical coverage for contraceptives, which have been deemed as essential by the World Health Organization. There are a wide range of barriers that may limit a Canadian’s access to contraception, including costs, attitudes of providers, inadequate sexual education, administrative barriers, and travel. Given that contraception is lifesaving and a fundamental component of reproductive health care, it is imperative for the B.C. Government to make a comprehensive provision of no-cost prescription contraception. This commentary explores universal coverage of contraception, public education campaigns, and a task-shifting model to promote equity in the realm of reproductive health care.